Monday, February 18, 2008

Jenny Craig Tells Spokesperson Kirstie Alley to Take a Hike

This is not, I repeat NOT an actual photograph of Kirstie Alley, just the way we remember her from Fat Actress, the short-lived Showtime seriesWeight loss conglomerate, Jenny Craig, recently dumped Cheers breakout and Scientology devotee Kirstie Alley from its popular ad campaign. No, the people at Jenny Craig have more tact than to tell the dazzling starlet to go take a hike. Of course, the rumor mill has been working overdrive hinting weight gain is to blame.

I'm all for Kirstie packing on the pounds. Couldn't get enough of Fat Actress, the comeback vehicle Showtime predictably yanked from its lineup as she began the incredible shrink. Episodes spun around deep fried corn dogs and Kid Rock made my mouth water. Out of work guest stars and invented storylines were over the top funny too. Never knew who or what might get skewered next.

For a short time, Kirstie made me believe an overweight actress could still find fulfillment in Tinseltown. But, like the Fat Actress storylines, the myth didn't hold water. Everyone knows el Lay is a mecca for the cult of gaunt. With this latest pink slip, however, Kirstie gets a second chance to show the rest of the world what she's made of. I'm hoping that includes deep fried corn dogs.