Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free State Outreach to Texas and Ohio Voters Before Democratic Debate

I am an undefined bit of fluff, a zygote in a swelling tide of democratic debate. Thoughts and opinions, what much do they matter coming from tiny insignificant me? Well, I do read, think, and have many years of serious legal training under my belt. For what it's worth, here are the thoughts swirling around in my muddled mind as America heads into tonight's face-off between Clinton and Obama at the University of Texas.
According to Bill, Texas and Ohio are his wife's last stand. You matter, wonderful people of the north and south, can't you see how much you matter? Bill hopes you will self-inflate, thereby carrying the little missus to certain victory. Can't help but focus on another famous Lone Star do-or-die battle cry, "Remember the Alamo," and think tonight's debate could go down in history as "Remember Obama's Show."

I never watch daytime TV. Too many too full of themselves talking heads. Too much distraction. Scouring the Internet for any sign of life outside the University of Texas, I am sorely disappointed. Desperate, I flip on the television, wasteland of last resort. The airwaves are crowded with a McCain lobbyist scandal. Impropriety denied. Huckabee angling for opportunity, yet mum about the rumors and what they may mean. What about the anticipated lines outside the Recreational Sports Center? Where is the streaming video when you need it?

Obama-mania hits Texas. Par-TAY! Can you dig it? Can't get a seat at the rec center? No problem. Party on.

It's not over until it's over. Texas and Ohio hold the fate of this election in their poll-driven hands. Wondering how it feels to have that kind of electoral power. The historic turning tide of the Potomac Primaries long since forgotten, pundits now hammer away at the nature of the election process and clout of big states. My sense of fundamental fairness wants the majority of states, even little states, to decide. My knowledge of America's election process says otherwise. Big states decide because they contain the majority of the population. That's understandable and acceptable. But, the issue becomes more problematic when examined from the preconceived notion of "one vote one voice." Nevertheless, a Texas vote counts more than a vote from the nation's capital because America is a democratic republic, not a utopian democracy. Try explaining that to my 16-year old and his eyes begin to glaze over. I hate my diminished capacity to elect the next president, but you'll never catch me moving to Texas. Just too darn hot.

There will be riots. So muse those in the know with 1968 Chicago visions dancing in their heads. Will CSN&Y reunite to compose another song?

Michelle Obama is not unpatriotic, contrary to popular sentiment. America needs to understand where Michelle Obama is coming from. Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes. And before you can abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes. The real story is the Clinton camp's outrageous attempt to sling mud at Michelle Obama. A wife's attempt to characterize the message of her husband's candidacy misses the mark. So what? Let's examine the other junior Senator's remarks about America, shall we? Better yet, let's examine voter reaction to Clinton-Politics-As-Usual.

Hillary's plagiarism attack against Obama had me in stitches after reading this manifesto. Movie lines direct from a Nicholson movie, the actor claiming Billary is the best man for the job, recently regurgitated as campaign rhetoric? Be still my heart. That's gold, Jerry, gold for a tiny celebrity politics blog bobbing about, trying to stay afloat against the relentless swell from atop the food chain.

Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama will participate in a Democratic presidential primary debate at The University of Texas at Austin tonight, February 21, 2008, from 7-8:30 p.m. CST.