Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Comments of Hayden Panettiere Could Sway Super Tuesday

Hayden Panettiere making an impressive pointThose eyes. Those lips. That hair. All that and a political conscience too? Be still my heart.

Far be it from me to knock anyone with a cause, but the red carpet report from the Heroes star's The Spiderwick Chronicles premiere reminded me of that twenty something who wangled a press spot at the YouTube CNN Republican debates and stuck her microphone in the face of Governor Mike Huckabee, only to ask some ridiculously absurd question about the movie I Heart Huckabees. Do these people have mush for brains or do they regard the election of an American president as just another opportunity to land a guest spot on Regis and Kelly?

When she's not imitating street puppets, Hayden's alluring hazel-green eyes cast quite a spell, but Jane Fonda she's not. This interview answer makes top Democratic contender Barack Obama look like a five friend on cheerleader T-Mobile:

"I have spoken to Barack about the whales and the situation going on there, and I asked him his views on it, and he grew up in Hawaii. He’s got a very wonderful outlook on it."

Hayden also hopes to powwow with the McCain and Clinton campaigns about their carefully assessed strategies to save the endangered beasts.

Aside from the need for our next President to immediately address more pressing issues such as open borders, energy development, foreign policy, and domestic economy, I can't imagine anyone on this side of the pond severing ties with a foreign government over whaling, unpalatable as it may appear.

Tender-hearted advocates take note. None of the major presidential candidates endorse brutal treatment of dolphins or whales and each plans to address the issue in due time, right after we catch or definitively establish the whereabouts of that pesky rascal bin Laden.