Monday, February 11, 2008

Chesapeake Challenge Misnomer Promotes Barack Obama Platform

Pausing coverage of today's College Park, Maryland rally to poke fun at Politico and promote our choice for Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama.

Someone at Politico tagged tomorrow's primaries the "Chesapeake Challenge." Yes, Maryland, Virgina, and the District of Columbia will go to the polls on February 12, 2008, but as anyone can see, the nation's capital sits squarely on Potomac shores between Maryland and Virginia.

"Chesapeake Challenge" is alliterative, but definitely a misnomer. D.C. is at least an hour away from the Chesapeake Bay. No can do, fellahs. Someone has to set you straight. It's "Potomac Primaries." Time to change the videos.

Speaking of which, the third part of Politico's interview with Obama does an excellent job of illustrating his platform. His speech at the University of Maryland included some responses heard in this video. The one I love is "Let's Stop the Labels." Obama wants Americans to adopt a different political mindset. Isn't it time we started to listen?

View full text of Obama interview here.