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Carnival of Maryland Highlights The Maryland Bloggers Alliance

Welcome to a special edition of The Spewker on behalf of The Carnival of Maryland. Today we present hot commentary from The Maryland Bloggers Alliance, a loosely knit but jovial group of attuned and outspoken Marylanders, as well as other bloggers from in and about the area.

Bloggers of the Alliance hail from the political spectrum, from Anarchists to Libertarians, although some are just as actively involved in other pursuits. For some reason, I've always envisioned Anarchy as an extreme of the left and Libertarianism as an extreme of the right, but now that I think about it, they both advocate pretty much the same thing. Which is exactly why the Alliance works so well. See, we really can all get along.

As far as the Carnival goes, just one common denominator: we all inhabit the Land of Pleasant Living. For a popular group of bloggers, it's nice to know that's the only requirement for a place at the table.

Lifestyle Report
I'm clueless when it comes to birds. Not so at The Greenbelt. A touching and informative tale about an afternoon hunt of an otherwise elusive creature of the wild.

Raymond from Money Blue Book ponders a question he heard on the radio. "Would You Give Up Your Right to Vote for a Million Dollars?" is a cynical yet comical article about the average American mindset and personal desire.

The author of Creating a Jubilee County blogs about the perils of TMJ and what everyone should know about it. Ouch UU Mom, my jaw hurts.

Senseless Crime
From Children & Chocolate comes an insider's perspective of the horrific Browning murders, a hometown tragedy that's been terrifying parents across the nation, nay the world. "Prayer Request for Nicholas Browning" by Laura Knight Beutler may hit a little too close to home for parents of some teenagers but is well worth the read.

Be A Sport
Soccer Dad fumes at Orioles management in "Bedard to seattle!?" I can relate. "I thought this would be done by now, given that it was first announced almost 2 weeks ago," David laments. "Chalk it up to having a passive aggressive front office. As Bill Ordine writes, 'Not since Generalissimo Franco died did anything so apparently inevitable take so long to happen.'" I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sorry State of Maryland
Maryland schools are rated top notch in the country, but some continue to fail. About a week ago, Annapolis police arrested students protesting Governor O'Malley's failure to adequately fund the public school systems. A lot of politics going on and not many solutions in "Baltimore Schools to Pay Students." Going to the Mat analyzes a problem solving proposal that's been relentlessly criticized in the media.

NRA advocates beware. Your rights are being endangered by none other than the very unpopular Martin O'Omalley, and according to blogger 1947, the embattled Maryland governor should rot in hell. Stan sternly warns, "Any Maryland gun owner who says s/he is not political had better damned soon BECOME political before it's too late." No problem, Stan, sure, just as soon as you lay down that gun. Thanks.

The National Scene
Michael Swartz adds his voice to the din of Republicans blasting local party politics. Incumbent Wayne Gilchrest is locked in a tight three-way race in the First Congressional District and in "Big Money on More than One Side," Monoblogue presents the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room with apologies to Democrats in the Fourth.

Not trying to be cruel, but the Maryland Chesapeake Blog may have opined too late in "It's Time Pastor, It's Time..." I understand Republicans are disillusioned, but there's only three presidential candidates left to choose from this Tuesday and one of them is not Mitt Romney. I say, choose Chester Peake, choose.

Last but not least, on the lighter side, an article from The Spewker continues to attract attention. Check out "Celebrity Presidential Endorsements on Parade" for a comical view of the original top presidential contenders and their Hollywood entourages.

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Maryland. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Maryland using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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The Ridger, FCD said...

Nice one! Thanks.

modjesky said...


Thanks for hosting this edition of the Carnival.

To clarify your introductory paragraph, libertarianism does not relate easily to the liberal/conservative or left/right continuum. The opposite of libertarian is "authoritarian," and both the left and right poles of political opinion are generally authoritarian. To be a libertarian is quite close to being an anarchist...

Stan Modjesky
a/k/a Blogger1947