Saturday, February 23, 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards Live Blog Oscars

We're watching the 80th Annual Academy Awards on TV and allowing our virtual Hollywood correspondent, Moan Quivers, to live blog the Oscars. Anyone who's interested is urged to stick around. Moan couldn't be any more excitied. She's wearing her best red dress, drippy diamonds, and prowling the red carpet looking for celebrity victims to disparage. Moan is kind at heart, but loves to skewer.

Moani also plans to make some predictions and gossip. The TV channels her comments will be related to are:

Hope everyone has a great time tonight. Moan is loaded and raring to go. Ciao!


J. Ott said...

I too will be liveblogging - and I'm linking to you and every other Oscars liveblogger I can find. Check it out:

Making the Movie's Oscars 2008 Liveblog