Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wasting Away Again in Bloggeritaville

Anyone who thinks blogging is an easy way to make a living is dead wrong. Creating a blog of even modest distinction takes time, dedication, spunk, a little je ne sais qua, and a tremendous amount of know how. Lately, I've been short on the latter. One cannot spam people into becoming subscribers, nor can one force others, after clicking a paid link, to like what they see. Design is good, but content is king. More and more that's a mantra I recite in my sleep.

It seems like every few months, this blog undergoes another upheaval. This time, though, it's for good reason. The Smuckers peanut butter and jelly goobers is practically empty, laundry is piled up the wazoo, every bowl in our cabinets is soaking unwashed, yet here I sit blogging for no particular purpose other than to connect with all of you.

All seven of you, wherever you are.

What I'm trying to say in as many words as I can cram together, is that after five months of honing my writing skills, I was finally offered and accepted a job. A real live job. To write. And make money. So I won't have to live off of Smuckers. Woot woot hooray!

Whether it turns into a permanent paying position in anybody's guess. The trick will be balancing my new assignment with development of The Spewker. Nothing up my sleeve...presto. Erm, here's hoping in time everything will somehow fall into place.

For a short while, these articles may seem unfocused, hackneyed, you know, the kind of navel gazing you hate to read. Bear with me. The blog won't be that fuzzy forever. Probably before you've even realized how the demands of a paying position have left me completely out of touch, I'll be raring to go back in tip top form with the blather you've come to know and love. Okay. Maybe not love, but enjoy. Trust? Uh, not that either?

Well then, why in heaven do you drop by? Surely it can't be for Moan? What? It is? In that case, you've got nothing to worry about. Our other features, including reports from Moan Quivers, will continue to update just like they have in the past.

All execpt for next week when the blog will go completely dark. What? You're unhappy you're the last one to know? Pshaw. We haven't even told Moan. She thinks she's going on celebrity assignment to Hawaii. All expenses paid.

Won't she be surprised when she finds out it's a one-way bus ticket to Poughkeepsie?