Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LED Christmas Lights are the Latest Fashion in Home Decor

The holidays have ended, but the beat goes on. Celebrities continue to make fools of themselves. Politicians continue to trade verbal slings and arrows. The writers strike continues to infinity and beyond. And bloggers continue to rise to the challenge of a new media, exploring different opportunities while engaging their passion, whatever that passion may be.

So, with no further ado, wrap your mind around this. What if you kept a little piece of the holidays around all year long? What if those Christmas lights had every day uses? No more need to pack 'em up and pack 'em out year after year. Imagine skipping the onerous task of inspecting each individual bulb while winding, winding, always the incessant winding, carefully, carefully, oh so very carefully so that another light doesn't break and slip your mind until it's too late to beat the crowds at the malls.

Introducing LED Christmas lights. These little buggers are mighty impressive feats of engineering ingenuity. LEDs are encased in epoxy rather than glass, so they're nearly indestructible. They're energy efficient, rust proof, less likely to ignite nearby material, and last almost a hundred times longer than ordinary Christmas lights. They also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, PLUS, one burnout won't kill an entire strand.

this obviously altered image originally appeared unscathed in McPherson's Marriage Album by John McPhersonA product like that deserves to become a fixture in people's lives. In doing our part to keep the holiday spirit alive, we brainstormed five every day uses for LED Christmas lights:

1. String red ones across the top of your bedroom walls and turn them on when you're seriously trying to turn someone on.

2. The white ones would look lovely wrapped around an outside gazebo or trellis. If you like to gather outside in the evening, they're a great way to save on electricity without having to sacrifice ambiance.

3. If you're like me, you probably hate wasting electricity to make a one or two minute trek to the basement. String a set of crystal white raspberries around the bannister and take all the guilt out of going downstairs.

4. These multi-colored icicle lights would look gorgeous as a centerpiece. Add some products from your local art supply store to create something truly unique.

5. Do you decorate your walls with framed paintings or prints? Showcase your art with LED rope lights. Your guests will be impressed by the museum-quality effect. Turn the other lights down low and get the added atmosphere of a genuine party.

LEDs. They're not just for Christmas.