Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Trailer Tease for Sex and the City Movie

It's he -ere. The first trailer tease of the Sex and the City Movie!

Oh -kay, then, yah. This is the film I've been anxiously anticipating? The one that seemingly went on hiatus on account of diva battles and hissy fits? If SJP didn't plant a big wet one on Noth, there would be no incentive whatsoever to catch this sorry splice of Manhattan fashion. Sorry, people, you'll have to do better.

SATC fans want fashion excitement. That big fat white hibiscus? Over! I've already seen it on so many web sites, by the time it appears on the big screen, it'll signal little more than a good time to hit the bathroom.

What about romance? Sexual tension? Did the promo people think inconsequential snippets of dialogue would suffice?

Is the entire movie a dream? Is Carrie stuck in a delusional sweat inducing fever resulting mass hallucination? The background music seems more than mere coincidental innuendo. Oops. Am I giving away the plot?

I'll lay odds in Vegas this flick will not be released in the spring.

Clunker or blockbuster? Too early to decide? Give us a clue. The producers of this film certainly aren't.