Friday, January 4, 2008

The Twelve Days of Celebrity Christmas

Are they over? Not the Iowa caucuses, silly, the holidays.

Yes, we heard Obama clinched Iowa and we're thrilled. Thrilled beyond expression. Edwards second place finish wasn't so squeaky when considering how outspent and under reported in comparison to Clinton. No sympathy whatsoever for Billary. We can only pray she gets the message to exit sooner rather than later. She should allow the presumptive nominee, Obama, to use some of that treasure trove in the general election. Wonder how much she'll try to squirrel away for another senate campaign.

Huckabee creamed the competition as expected. No surprises there. Giuliani's failure to register in the top tier, however, knocked a lot of wind out of our sails. I would have thought Thompson had no chance whatsoever. Instead, his third place finish leaves Hunter dead in the water, and Rudy extremely vulnerable in New Hampshire.

Biden and Dodd are goners. Bye fellows, it was nice thinking I'd be able to vote for one of you. Thanks a lot, Iowa, you always know how to spoil a good party. I didn't get to drink a beer and the cops are already sending people home.

As the holidays come to a close, and the race moves ahead to New Hampshire, I'm bracing myself for the long haul...February 6th. If there's no assumed winners by then, all hell may break loose at the conventions.

This party may not have to end so abruptly after all.

Well, celebrity fans, there's a new kid on the block. By chance, I came across the kid's "Twelve Days of Celebrity Christmas" and thought it was a classy way end to the holidays. Classy in a very cheesy sort of way. Soon, people will be taking down their Christmas lights (everyone but your next door neighbor), the hum drum will return, and we'll all be looking forward to spring.

By the time convetion season rolls around, I might need a good soak in the Velvet Hot Tub, if not to lick my political wounds, then for the sheer enjoyment of rejuvenation.

Don't tell our virtual Hollywood correspondent, Moan Quivers, about the "-alicious" suffix in the title panel. She definitively said the next person who describes something with the dreaded "-alicious," they were going to get a spiked heel up their butt. Ouch.