Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writers Guild Impasse Gives John Stamos Reason to Smile

Photo credits to Alan LightRefusing to follow the lead of the Broadway Stagehands Union who reopened New York plays by ending their strike in time for the holidays, members of the Writers Guild of America remain on the picket line. Talks to end the “no end in sight” strike broke down last week after production companies and studio heads refused to cede an acceptable share of the pie.

The strike resulted in cancellation of yesterday’s planned Democratic debate in Los Angeles. Hollywood employees who depend upon ongoing productions for income also are feeling scrooged for the holidays.

But at least one Hollywood hottie is jazzed over the writers’ hard line response: Former Full House star and current E.R. hunk, John Stamos.

"The writers strike will mean that a lot of pilots won't be made,” Stamos told the New York Daily News.

"That will help us because we're tried and true and have enough episodes stockpiled to remain on-air well into February (08), which is getting to be pilot time.”

Although E.R. doesn’t appear destined for imminent cancellation, persistent industry rumors suggest this season may be its last. Stamos landed the cushy recurring role as medical student and paramedic, Tony Gates, only a short while ago. With mid-season replacements almost certainly out of the prime time competition, however, Stamos can continue to relax and savor the moment.