Monday, December 10, 2007

The Spewker Narrows Focus

Some blogs eventually reach a crossroads. Continue with the current direction or switch to a different track. After much considered thought, The Spewker will narrow its focus of reporting by moving in a new direction. Apologies to those who do not wish to come along for the ride.

Refunds on tickets are at the door. Not.

Yes, the site has been sparse of late. I've toyed around with the idea of going dark to develop the new niche, but quickly nixed it because the blog has to go dark in the near future anyway. Sounds a but mysterious, but I'm forbidden from divulging why.

Let's just say, creativity takes time. Learning tricks of the trade takes time. Fortunately, I have connections to good people with a succesful track record in the blogosphere. These people explained that without a clearly defined niche, a blog is just more chatter competing for attention. That isn't what I had in mind for this site, although, in case any of you haven't noticed, The Spewker publishes news and commentary on just about any topic that strikes my fancy.

Those days are over. Well, almost.

As I said before, I brought a friend on board and we are developing a new site. I may sneak in a topic on The Spewker here and there, one that doesn't necessarily fit the new niche, but that's only because old habits die hard. From here on out, The Spewker will, for the most part, publish articles focusing on political news in the world of entertainment. More and more, celebrities are becoming political activists or supporting political causes. I believe, and I hope you will agree, the time is ripe for this type of publication.

Yes, it's been tried before, and perhaps is in the process of being developed elsehwere. I honestly believe there is a still a market for this type of news. After launching the new site, The Spewker may return to daily rants and pokes, but for now, it's celebrity politics 24/7.

What do you think about this more narrowly defined focus? Yay or nay?