Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton Losing More than Campaign Advisor Over Obama Comment

The first primary votes are itching to be cast in Election 2008. Predictably, the battleground between the top two Democratic rivals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, has erupted in heavy mortar fire.

Mmmmmm. Love that smell of meltdown in the morning.

Once assured of victory, now sinking fast in a statistical dead heat, Clinton has started to exhibit the telltale signs of a candidate going down for the count. Grace under pressure is in short supply. Her transparent tactics in the face of defeat would almost be laughable if not so desperate in design. Soon, the American people will wake up and realize they’ve seen this movie too many times before.

Clinton’s latest campaign casualty, co-chair Billy Shaheen, resigned after drawing a Washington Post reporter’s attention to rival Obama’s admitted past cocaine and marijuana usage. Clinton immediately disavowed any knowledge or authorization of Shaheen's actions. Ironically, the information was old news, having first appeared in Obama’s 11 year old memoir, Dreams from My Father. Not exactly an earth shattering time bomb, although Shaheen willing dropped on a sword for the sake of the greater good.

"This election is too important and we must all get back to electing the best qualified candidate who has the record of making change happen in this country," said Shaheen. Not suprisingly, he failed to publicly identify the candidate to which he referred.

Last month, the Clinton Campaign dismissed two Iowa staffers for circulating e-mail rumors about Obama being a Muslim plotting to destroy America. Again, Clinton disavowed any knowledge or authorization of her staffs' activities.

Let us not hastily forget Clinton’s supposed ignorance of earlier campaign finance improprieties, or her 2000 senate campaign scandal. For the latter, campaign finance director, David Rosen, narrowly dodged a "rotting in jail" bullet, albeit after resigning and distancing himself from the campaign. In unison now... Clinton once again disavowed any knowledge or authorization of illegal campaign activity.

No matter how many ways it's sliced, Hillary Clinton’s purported ignorance of repeated underhanded activity in the highest echelons of her campaigns demonstrates a fatal flaw in her ability to lead. At best, she lacks basic management skills; at worst, she possesses a despicable depth of treachery devoid of all human decency and compassion. Either way, this established pattern of her right hand purportedly acting without knowledge of the left, along with her callous disregard of otherwise loyal followers evidences a disturbing character clearly unsuitable for the office of president.

Now, while there is still time, America would be wise to shutter this theatre for good.