Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Demi Moore Baby Bump is Old and Tired

After what the pregnancies of J.Lo and Xtina did to the media, no one wants to be the last to break baby bump news. That may explain why Famecrawler is running with a blind item from E! about a possible new baby bump. Problem is, the rose fell off this bump years ago.

Demi Moore in a photo spreadThe preggers police were eavesdropping at a party over the weekend where they just happened to overhear Demi Moore bragging about her “belly and buds.” This was just enough fodder for E! to get blasted and run.

Pnk’ed is more like it.

The press recently snapped Demi’s husband, Ashton Kutcher, notorious punkster and practical joke manufacturer extraordinaire, filming his latest movie in a chicken outfit. Between that and the gobs of attention slathered over daughter Rumer, a/k/a the next Miss Golden Globes, might Ms. D, the St. Elmo’s Fire babe, be feeling a wee bit slighted?

Mah-aaannnn, what some people won’t do for publicity. Star in a new movie. Go to Darfur. Endorse a presidential candidate. But more baby bump rumors? Puh-leeze!

How many times are “prognastycators” going to tout this horn? Either Demi is setting a new world record for the longest gestation of a fetus that has yet to pop, or somebody’s getting their jollies from juicing the wheels of entertainment.

For the record, sightings of this miracle baby began as far back as March 14, 2005. Not trying to be mean and hoping miscarriages are not to blame, but if this latest rumor is one in a long line of some sick running gag on the press, the yolk is up and it’s all over Demi’s face.

A smattering of pregnancy press reports for the happy couple include:
July 25, 2005
March 13, 2007
June 24, 2007
October 12, 2007
October 25, 2007