Saturday, November 17, 2007

Paula Abdul Hides Plastic Surgery While Simon Says All

Looking for comment from American Idol Judge Paula Abdul about the plastic surgery related death of Kanye West's mother, a TMZ cameraman dug a little too deep. Not that Paula was miffed as described, but clearly she had no interest in discussing her experiences under the knife.

Before she was famous and after photos of Paula Abdul prove she is no stranger to plastic surgeryAnyone can see from before and after photos that Paula is no stranger to plastic enhancement. So she had a big shnoz, tarantula thick eyebrows, flat cheek bones, and an A cup. It's the person inside who counts. On the other hand ... enough said. Has anyone seen this woman's reality TV show?

These days it's getting harder and harder to find anyone in the entertainment industry who hasn't had a little nip or tuck. Even her cohort, Simon Cowell, admits to regular botox injections. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he succumbed to liposuction as well. All those comments on last season's show about his moobs had to hit below the sag.

Simon revealed some sensitivity over the moobs while emphatically denying reports about being gay. Don't quote me, but he might have crossed his arms against his chest in response. The body language -- a dead giveaway.


Anonymous said...

paula had an A cup back then? Really?! eehh, thats hardly surprising considering she was a CHILD. and the shape of your face changes a little bit when you get older, that could explain the cheek bones. and yes I have seen her TV show and i still like her.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful N.M.W