Monday, November 26, 2007

Nobody Cares on November 26, 2007

Dishes piled sky high in the sink, headed back to the dentist chair today, the guinea pig is on hospice watch, dirty clothing litters the laundry room floor, another funeral at 1:00 p.m., this month's whopping credit card bill came due, but ... nobody cares. Likewise this drivel culled from cyberspace:

1. Those fabulous pearly whites. An outdoor cafĂ© setting. Someone deciding to satisfy a craving for nourishment. Why, it’s ... [more]

2. Showing once again that any cumtwat can satisfy a desperate need for attention by sending blind e-mail items to big name bloggers willing to package demented neuroses as news ... [more]

3. Fake sibs who play together stay together while toting over sized designer handbags up, down, and all around town ... [more]

4. This must be what Victoria Beckham meant when she explained how too many copycats inspired her sudden switch to brown hair ... [more]

5. Be careful what you wish for. An early primary election may interfere with your local holiday consumer frenzy and/or television viewing pleasure ... [more]

6. Put a sock in it, John. If Washington, D.C. is the devil’s playground, why are you trying so hard to snag a prime spot in the sandbox? [more]

7. Terrorists killing more terrorists. So far away and yet so relevant. Eh, who am I kidding? Nobody cares. [more]