Thursday, November 29, 2007

David Beckham Exchanging Hongis and Who Knows What Else

Spewked photograph of Becks and New Zealand Maori womanDavid Beckham exchanged hongis with local politicians, women in traditional paint, Maori dancers and bare-chested warriors after touching down in Wellington, New Zealand for a soccer exposition. Cultural exchange is a good thing, but these photographs suggest exchanges of something more than just goodwill.Quoted courtesy of Daily Mail
See them do it? An entire soccer team? Sounds kinky.

Quoted courtesy of Daily Mail
You’re right, Becks, traveling to the other side of the world in a private jet and playing nosey-nosey with the locals doesn’t happen every day. Wonder what other kinds of welcome you’ve received.

Spewked photograph of David Beckham with bare-chested New Zealand warriorNervous wife, Posh, may want to reconsider banning Becks from the kick-off of her Spice Girls world tour. Seeing him up close and personal with so many strangers should be far more panic inducing than occasional glimpses in the audience. Better yet, stick him and the boys backstage with a TV monitor.

If he still wants to see what the All Blacks would do, maybe he should paint a little on himself.