Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Steve-O Spotted Supporting New PETA Campaign

Yuk. Nasty tats. Give me fur any day
I’m not into the Jackass movies or their small screen progenitor, but can’t deny their popularity. One of the creative forces behind the mayhem, Steve "Steve-O" Glover, is a recent crossover to the blended netherworld of politicelebritopia.

I hope his participation in this PETA campaign draws much needed attention to senseless animal abuse. Otherwise, I couldn’t stomach the tats. Are those fur real? What some folks won’t do for free publicity and stuff.

Another saltier ad depicts Steve-O with salaciously steamy hot buns. Ah....sorry...I have a feeling Google wouldn't approve, so no reprint. Can't help but wonder whether the racier version should be credited to amazing camera work, frigid weather, or just a tiny tallywhacker.