Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Idiot Test

Ah...I'm revamping the site again. Don't think I'll stop until The Spewker has at least a thousand subscribers. At this rate, that might not be until the 2008 general election. Then again, the site could still be Beta next November. It's all a matter of timing, determination, and some je ne sais qua.

Never despair. Don't give up the ship. Yeah yeah. Right, then. As any newbie knows, getting the hang of this gig is no easy sport. Guess if it was so easy, everyone would be sitting at home scratching their underwear and pounding out a blog now, right?

What exactly did you think I was holding? That's a microphone, idiot! Anywho, in the interests of keeping a good link, I'm crafting a little boat to float this bit of javascript. The "Idiot Test" shall have its very own article, by jingies. It's such a funny waste of time, I had to park it somewhere. So many others have gone by the wayside in my scramble to redesign.

Smarty pants me buzzed out when challenged to press the green button quickly. I may be smart, but quick I am not. I needed an idiot test to tell me that? Yeeesh.


Attila said...

I resent this idiot stuff.