Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I Got A Rock" And Other Halloween Treats

I've been holding back some stuff for tomorrow's fright fest. Once it's Halloween, this year will go on the fast track to New Year's Eve. Thought it might be nice to take a brief breather, starting with that coke machine - a stand in for the temporarily discontinued Whose Shoes game.

Look Ma, no hands

Ginny Weasley must have taken a wrong turn during her last quidditch match. I heard rumors to the effect that Dumbeldore's coming out party and the end of the popular series turned Mrs. Potter into a functioning alcoholic. Must have tried too hard to catch that dern snitch.

Ssssshhhh - don't tell Harry! He's got his hands full with Hagrid making unwanted advances
In a never ending quest to rid the world of malevolence, The New Fantastic Four do battle against the evil alien clone (emphasis on "new"). A fantasy film without thrills and chills. Doesn't actually fit the Halloween theme, but fancy footwork makes this clip too catchy to overlook.

Here's a real treat. It's me in my Halloween costume. I thought I'd hit the bars as Ruth Buzzy this year. Is she even alive? How I miss the old bag.

I'll end with a memorable viral vid, right on the money for those who revel in gore. Unfortunately, censors slapped it with an "R" before I had a chance to weigh in...[more]



parisukat said...

Boo! HappY Halloween!!!!!