Wednesday, October 3, 2007

American Idols Concert Live

It's been two weeks since the kidlets and I trudged downtown to catch the last leg of the American Idols Live tour across America. An early purchase of floor seats lived up to the hype, although we did get somewhat pushy to be up close and personal. Thanks ever so to the white haired guard in gray.

Met their backup singer, Charlotte, outside after the show. This woman is really amazing and should not be singing backup. Charlotte says she's not ready to be mobbed by "50,000 fans everywhere" she goes, but I suspect there are other reasons afoot. All I can say is, Charlotte, hon, it's your time to shine.

No need to write a review, as I see someone from an earlier stop beat me to the punch. Photo creds go to my daughter, Arielle. You go, girl.

Not her best shot, but a good overview of the group.

Here, they've captured enthralled fans on an overhead screen.
Jordan entertained on guitar and asked us to pray for her grandmom who was sick. Hope she is out of the hospital by now.
Loved how she stood out in this outfit. Did not like a lot of her song selections. Hopefully, young Jordan will procure the services of a better manager. The kid has real talent.

Chris was unbelievably hot and rocked the place silly.

He and Blake were the real show stoppers. Be still my heart.

Haley didn't get much face time. Her numbers were good, but nothing to write home about.
Gina, you deserved a spot in the final three.
Not Sanjaya's sexiest, although he did come out in a tight red pants number bringing on the Elvis. Yes, the boy has a presence. Are you listening, Calvin Klein?

Sligh and Lakisha were also standouts. I hear Lakisha is now on Broadway working with Idols winner Fantasia in The Color Purple. And I eh yi eh yi will always love you ew ew ooo ew...
Under rated Phil brought home the bacon in a number dedicated to the U.S. armed forces.
Here's Phil again in a hot cowboy number.

This is the only shot of Melinda. A cute little group number. Sorry, but they didn't give her enough face time either.

Nice group shot of the final number. All in all, we had a great time. Just sorry we couldn't get backstage for autographs. Don't think I didn't try. Maybe next time 'round.


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