Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Christian Groups Angry Over Kathy Griffin Remarks

Kathy Griffin makes unkind remark about Christianity at 2007 Creative Arts Emmy AwardsDid plastic surgery enhanced Kathy Griffin really say, "Suck it Jesus, this is my god now," then kiss her new Emmy and walk off the stage? Apparently, this did in fact happen last Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

The national news media didn't give this outburst too much attention and network execs plan to edit her comments out of the upcoming Primetime Emmys. I suppose the driveby news media thought if they didn't report it, it would just go away like it never happened.

Well, they'd better think again. As of today, word of her malapropism is being broadcast from all the right wing talk radio stations. I'd say by some time tomorrow, after the deluge of e-mails, her agents are going to strongly suggest a public apology.

Did Kathy go too far this time? Why should the politically correct police exempt Christians from their purge?

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Bruce Godfrey said...

I suspect, though cannot prove, that had Kathy Griffin said "Sorry Jesus" rather than "Suck it, Jesus," there would have been more or less no story and her comments would not have been edited out.

Amanda Marcotte got into somewhat similar trouble some months ago.

While I am a secular and explicitly non-religious, I don't see a need to insult religious people by placing their religious figures in indecent sexual contexts, or any good coming therefrom. Perhaps it is because I take religion and atheism seriously that I don't do so.

I could go on, but I won't, out of mercy.

absolutelytrue said...

Wow, did she seriously say that? How unbelievably rude and unfunny. Is there a video clip of her saying it?

Great blog, by the way. I'm sure I'll be back often.