Monday, August 27, 2007

Downy Ocean Vacay

In about three hours, the girls and I are leaving for a trip downy ocean. In Baltimorese, that means we are headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a little sun and surf. Don't know where we'll stay, but do intend to relax and soak up those waves, hon. In the meantime, the ginner's cage needs changing and there is still a load of laundry in the dryer. Gotta get some shut eye before it is time to beat the heat. Monday morning traffic makes me nauseous.

Who knows? Might just make an entry for this Francis Scott Key Family Resort video contest. The batteries in my digital better be juiced for this one. Last time I tried to take pictures, they died right in the middle of the shoot.

Enjoy the updated features while I am gone. I tried to leave enough to entertain through Tuesday.

Also, through October 31, 2007, vacationers can win a thousand bucks, a week's stay at The Francis Scott Key Family Resort, and some other fancy bling just by submitting their own video of a great vacation in O.C. There are some contest rules, like the video must be under two minutes, but other than niggly details, this looks like something I might want to enter.

Click here for more details.