Monday, August 6, 2007

Can't Get Enough of those Simpsons

Sorry. I've been away on vacation. It's hard to keep blogging when you're away and having fun. I'll admit, the articles from last week were a what? At least now the whole world can understand why.

I first caught Life in Hell, a highly intelligent, avant-garde comic strip, in Baltimore's City Paper around 1989, give or take. Authored by Matt Groening, slightly dark, but funny as all get out, I could really relate to those rabbits. I remember being very disturbed when the paper stopped carrying it. After some digging, I found out why. The paper didn't drop the strip, rather, the strip dropped off the face of the earth. Groening stopped writing it. I was all set to start a letter writing campaign, you know, like the fans did with Jericho. Then The Simpsons came along. The rest, shall we say, is history.

Haven't caught the movie, but heard it is LOLF. In lieu of a review, here's my little tribute. The Simpson character is my own, courtesy of Matt and Fox head honchos. Special thanks to The featured guitar player is quite astounding.

Just one teeny tiny request to Matt (if I am ever so lucky for he of comic lore to drop by): Please bring back the bunnies.