Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bloggers Will Help Shape Election 2008

I am blogger, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore.

No, I am not just parroting Helen Reddy.

Without a doubt, 2008 has the greatest potential to go down in history as the year Netroots slammed a monkey wrench in the mainstream political machinery. Wherever I look, bloggers are taking names and kicking patooty.

Just look at this clip from the YearlyKos Convention. A liberal cache of bloggers utilizing name recognition from DailyKos managed to secure the attendance of top Democratic leaders as well as presidential candidates. The convention’s panel rivaled anything coming out of today’s Iowa debate. In contrast, CNN has yet to secure commitments for its YouTube Republican forum (major Republican candidates are still on the fence).

Is this a great country, or what? Anyone with an opinion and a keyboard can join the media elite to help shape the course of America.

Ellen Goodman and Bill O’Reilly are two recent examples of national newsmakers with ears pinned to the ground. Colleagues who choose to ignore the telltale signs of an encroaching political blogoshpere risk becoming the twenty-first century media dinosaurs. I feel sorry for stalwart journalists unable to see what’s hurtling down the pike. Not.

Like so many other bloggers devoting their time and energy to the Internet, I grew weary and leery of the national news media. I want facts, just the facts, ma’am. If I wanted opinions, I could read editorials. If I wanted to be influenced by American conglomerates, I could read the New York Times. If I wanted sound bytes, I could watch YouTube. I mean, why watch the CBS Evening News when Comedy Central has similar content with better irreverence? It’s all commentary.

Bloggers know America can and will do a better job of story reporting. This nation prospered because freedom played a major role in its development. More and more, however, these freedoms are being curtailed. By the media, by the government, by radical fringe elements on both sides of the political spectrum. It's time to take back America. Serious bloggers are willing to oblige.

These are incredibly exciting times. With the advent of the Internet, Americans can once again participate in a true democracy. We can report information free from hidden agendas. We can try to influence opinion. It’s not a perfect medium, far from it, but at least a large portion of the blogosphere is being penned at the hands of Americans.

Power to the bloggers! Power to a truly free press! In the words of our beloved sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, "…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."