Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bloggers are Not Slackers - They are Virtual Reality Challenged

Has there ever been a time when you have looked at your life and said, "I must be crazy"? I have.


For starters, I am eating left over Chinese for breakfast. I'm supposed to take our youngest child to visit friends up in Philly this morning. Suddenly, I realized I hadn't posted anything on my blog since Monday.

Since Monday!

I think virtual reality assumes one is a slacker when one fails to blog about something every single day. People have said as much to me. If only they knew. No, I am not a slacker. I am incredibly productive. I'm just not doing it where virtual reality can take notice.

I never did finish the article I started Monday evening. Maybe because I was busy doing camp laundry, filling out school forms, going through snail mail, trying to clear out e-mail (still must have 400-500 I haven't touched), and doing my once a month pro bono stint.

Apologies to relatives (and anyone else) who have asked to be friended on Facebook. I haven't logged on in over three weeks. Don't worry. I'll get to it (hopefully soon).

Tuesday came and went in a blur. I must have been trying to go through old magazines, newspapers, and whatever other papyrus had piled up on our dining room table, do the dishes, feed the guinea pig, water the garden, empty the dehumidifier, cook dinner, buy new garbage cans, return the rejected school supplies I purchased while the kids were out of town, yada, yada, yada.

After our middle child arrived home early from almost eight weeks away at a camp, not only did he bring home three large piles of laundry, but a chin with sutures (this is why he came home early) which had to be removed no later than ten, count them, ten days from the time of stitching. For various reasons which I do not have time to go into detail about here, the stitches had to be removed yesterday. Otherwise, I would have to go through life knowing I failed to have my only son's stitches removed within the prescribed time. This could result in all types of awful consequences, don't ask me what.

I thought I was lucky to get an appropriately timed appointment with his pediatrician to have said stitches so removed, but to my dismay, when I arrived five minutes before the scheduled time, I learned their office had mistakenly scheduled our appointment a full hour later.

A full hour later!

If those people expected me to wait around one to two hours (the doctor had other scheduled appointments and the staff wasn't certain she would be able to "fit me in") to have what turned out to be nine stitches (not ten as advised by the doctor in New York) removed from my son's chin, they had another thing coming. Steamed, frustrated, ready to explode. What were my options? Luckily, there is a private care emergency facility up the street. I would probably wait as long as I would in the pediatrician's office, but at least their stupid office wouldn't get my money. We quickly left and, thankfully, the facility up the street took care of everything in about the time we would have started (if lucky) the appointment with the pediatrician. What an ordeal.

Also, the youngest child came home from camp yesterday with her multitudes of laundry. One of her trunks is still sitting in the foyer unpacked. I may get to it by September.

Oh, and the - ahem - brain addled lawyer I'm opposing in a hotly contested case had the unmitigated gall to ask for a postponement on our less than a week away trial without the decency to contact me first. At least have the courtesy to let me know this coming, huh? You better believe that guy was hit with some pre-trial motions. Only took about four hours to draft. Had to get it done on the same day I received his outrageous motion because I'll be in Philly for the rest of the week and don't work on Saturdays. This after spending three to four hours preparing my client for Wednesday's trial. If there is any frivolous case more deserving of an award for attorney fees and costs, this is it.

Did I mention all the time I spent on the telephone trying to speak to an administrator at our children's private school about the draconian changes in their hot lunch program? Nobody bothered to tell the parents they were even considering any changes. Again, not enough time to provide details, but I am plenty peeved. Still haven't spoken to anyone with any power to change anything.

Did I also mention I had to pick up my new glasses? Or make additional doctor appointments and appointment changes for the kids? Or start taking their too small, uncool clothing out of their closets to make room for the new school clothes? Or that I'll never get to Philly by the time I promised our friends because I can't stop writing this article (wow - I'm really on a roll)? Or that last night's Chinese just made a beeline straight down?

No? Well, gotta run.

Oh, and another anniversary for Elvis. Long live The King.