Friday, August 24, 2007

Blogger Mistakes and Other Misfortunes

On a positive note, The Spewker has a new look. It only took the entire day to design. I'm ready to call it a night.

...they're coming to take me away ha ha they're coming to take me away ha ha ho ho hee hee ha hah to the funny farm...Warning to the blogging unwary. Before spending gobs of time and effort adding content, better spend time perfecting your site design. I feel like I lost an entire month due to stupid mistakes and my inability to recognize them. It's not as if blogging comes with instructions. Luckily, I realized the error of my ways. Now perhaps, I can get back on track.

For some reason, my site feed wouldn't burn content, and as all good bloggers know, without a working site feed, one might as well pack up and go home. Not only that, the tiny little handful of subscribers I had so carefully culled dropped out of sight. Guess I should have subscribed to the medic blog of Feedburner. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there who may be even more clueless. Your blog will slip into obscurity without a properly working feed.

Please come back little subscribers. I promise to treat you oh so nicely this time around.

On a less than positive note, today I discovered that The Spewker had slipped so far down in the search engine ratings, not even ReviewMe would let me sign up. Perhaps that had something to do with my site's lack of meta tags and other such misfortunes. Listen. I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to site design, okay? All I know is that I like to rant and poke fun at stuff. Does that make me a bad person?

Don't answer that.

Anyway, I'm tired and the hour is late (or early, depending on the point of view). I had such high hopes of accomplishing so much today. Unfortunately, none of it ever materialized. Here's hoping that the upcoming month of September sees an increase in visibility and readership.