Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stick a Fork in Netflix

Everyone who hasn’t heard about the Netflix Blockbuster smackdown, please stand up. Sit down little old lady in the back who still gets her videos from the public library.

stick a fork in NetflixNetflix was nice, but I sometimes waited up to four days for new videos. That was entirely too much turnaround time. In my zeal to watch five years worth of missed releases, each passing day was precious. Finally, the fundamental components of corporate America won me over. I quietly migrated to the dark side and have been satisfied ever since.

Better product, better service, more customer satisfaction. This credo spawned and continues to fuel the economy. Its lure is like a siren song. Unlike my hairdresser who refuses to switch to Blockbuster on some theoretical root for the little guy moral ground, I have nothing to prove.

I won’t go into details about why one service may be better or worse. No, it’s with sadness today I report on Netflix’s demise. A new ad campaign touting five videos a month for $4.99 PLUS unlimited downloads right from your computer. Oh yeah. They’re going down.

Will someone please throw Netflix a life saver? My personal favorite is cherry.

Update 2011

Haha. Looks like the joke's on me. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy, closed most of its brick and mortar stores, and is dying a slow and agonizing death while Netflix reigns supreme. Netflix figured out a way to stream directly through TV and playstation systems. Now no one cares how long it takes to get replacements by mail, they can watch videos on demand on their PCs. Pretty ingenious. Corporate America could learn a thing or two.


Marci B. said...

HA!! I made the change to Blockbuster from Netflix... it was a GOOD choice. Although, I feel like the selection at Netflix was ultimately better. Hmmmm.... We shall see what happens next!