Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smelling the Cybersoup

So much to choose little time. The life of a blogger is measured in bits and bytes, bursts of inspiration, and superhuman powers of determination.

We neophytes suffer most. Caught between our dream of becoming part of the cybersoup and our day jobs, we phish and plunder, take a little something from column A and column B, roll it together in a shiny new package of originality, then hover and pray for a loyal following. Our goal? To finally tell our day jobs "Buh-bye."

Even then, the pressure to produce will remain. Now that's a challenge.

Honestly, the cybersoup is steaming. I only wish I had enough time to savor each and every tasty morsel. Unfortunately, reality beckons. Deadlines and other obligations loom. Alas, I have ignored them too long and now must pay the piper. Which essentially means blogging in spewklight.

Things could be worse, I suppose. After last night's McAfee purge, Blogger insisted on locking me out and would not relent no matter how many times I changed my security settings. Luckily, a little bird told me to store my cookies in quarantine for possible later restoration. I just tapped back into McAfee and voila. But there's not enough time to rant about that.


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