Friday, July 6, 2007

"Muffins" Are Food for Thought

Last night, I had my own personal experience with strange Internet trends. I have yet to understand why people are entertained by them or continue to perpetuate them. Perhaps someone with a lengthy list of fancy college degrees could convince their Congressperson to fund another pork barrel project, a study to determine why we humans waste so much time on frivolous endeavors that make no sense and add nothing to world productivity. This of course would be a worthless pursuit in itself, but let's not focus on that right now.

I'm referring to a video posted on YouTube some time ago entitled Muffins. I had never seen said Muffins, nor had I heard anyone refer to any Muffins phenomenon until last night. I was just told to go watch the muffins video. So like the good little soldier I am, I did.

Um. Yah. Next.

Muffins kinda reminded me of the old joke No Soap, Radio which I first heard at about age eight and recently heard again from my twelve-year old. Yikes. How can something so dumb stick around for so long? Why, the No Soap, Radio joke is practically a cultural phenomenon. For some reason, I find this notion particularly troubling.

The dumbing down of America. The pundits are probably right. Americans are becoming dumber. Pretty soon there'll be no one with any brain cells left. We'll all be forced to survive using archetypal images and primal urges. Oh yes, the day is coming. Just take a good long look at our President.

For those of you who never heard of this cultural phenomenon wannabe, I've dedicated Today's Spewed Videos to the original Muffins and its progeny. If these snippets aren't enough, you can find plenty more on YouTube by searching the name of the video.

I really am very curious to know why this little gem didn’t die the slow agonizing death it deserved. Tributes to Muffins continue unabashed. If only the people who created this drivel could find a way to profit from it. Now that would be something I would stand up and applaud.

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