Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Media Big Lights Shine on Jet Set Show

The internet is my generation's brave new world. As I spend more of my free time in cyberspace, I can't help but notice an emerging new form of media. Is my blogging badge flashing? Feel free to surf if this is old news.

No, I'm not talking about chat rooms, instant messaging, or more of the same old same old packaged to look like new (like podcasts from World News Tonight...do they even know about podcasts...nevermind). I'm talking about the next level of broadcasting where basically anyone with something worthwhile to say can find an audience. In a nutshell, a new vehicle to gather the masses and create a unique sphere of influence.

This morning, as I pondered this development, I thought up a new phrase. At least I think it's new. Perhaps even catchy. I've decided to refer to anyone or anything with legs in this new media as have channel or got channel as in, "that girl's got channel," or "they really have channel," or "that news anchor doesn't have channel," like, "Go switch that channel." Right after I publish this post, I plan to do a Wikisearch just to see whether someone else grabbed the naming rights. If not, it just may be worth trying to coin this phrase.

That pretty much would eat up whatever free time I have left for today.

But I digress. This post is supposed to be about the Jet Set Show, not some corny phrase I'm trying to ignite (like fetch from Mean Girls, my efforts likely will be for naught).

The Jet Set Show is more than just a videoblog. It's an emerging social network in the guise of web digest light fueled by pop culture news, games, contests, entertainment, and just a touch of je ne sais qua. Steering the minions through unchartered waters is Zadi (pronounced zah-dee for those of you inclined to pronounce as zay-dee... you know who you are...), this generation's incarnation of pretty and perky. Zadi's got channel. In spades.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so because a whole new virtual reality is taking root and beginning to blossom over there. Jet Set boasts numbers of 50,000, but I think their subscribers are way more than that. Zadi recently said they're looking for new correspondents, which in my mind means if they can pay a salary, they've arrived. Or got channel. Whichever floats your boat.

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