Monday, July 9, 2007

George "Cloo-me" In: Hunk or Has Been?

This off the cuff rant is not mean-spirited. I LOVE George Clooney, why, I'm one of his biggest fans. From the first time I fixated on those dark lush lash lidded patch of doe eyed browns and perfectly chiseled chin, I was hooked but good. Maybe that's the ...err...problem.

You see, I'm also on a collision course with middle age. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

George, we hardly knew ye. On second thought, strike that. George Clooney has been a major motion oscar winning ER swilling hunka hunka burning Hollywood super star for longer than the combined terms of Clintons and Bushes. For years, I've followed all the interviews, all the movie clips, all the premiers, and all the inside jokes. I've fantasized myself cavorting with George, Brad, Julia, and sidekick Richard Kind at poker games, yachts, and of course, movie sets. Outspoken? Yes. But at least he puts his time where his mouth is. Not too many celebrities can say that about themselves.

Lately, I'm seriously beginning to wonder if this sexy star has become a nova of his former self. Not even a mention in People mag's 2007 sexiest men alive issue. Recently snapped shirtless revealing, shall we say, elderly manhandles. A pathetic YouTube jab about the death of his beloved pot bellied pig. And what about that interview on Jay Leno? Were those flashes of turkey neck?

Ah well, the vultures are lurking. Looks like George would do well to circle the wagons. Or finally settle down with some hot babe. Marriage isn't the raw deal he envisions, even if his first crashed and burned. Once those pecs start to sag, it'll be too late. He'll just have to settle for gold diggers.

Earth to George: Warren got Annette on the way down. Capitulate before it's too late. You've still got time. And that entrancing smolder.

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