Monday, July 23, 2007

British Invasion of Katie and Peter

It's not Becks and Posh. It's not an interminable flashback to Princess Diana. It's not even the Painting Smoocher. This time, I'm afraid the American soil onslaught consists of far more inconsequential protoplasm.

I'm referring to none other than Katie and Peter. Who are these people and why should I care? Is anyone watching this reality show?

Putting aside how they are individually unrecognizable and therefore must forever traverse the entertainment world as their sickeningly cute linking moniker, does either one possess even an iota of talent? Besides having the hots for one another, I mean. If one could even call that a talent.

I wish the biz would stop trying to force acts like this down the throats of the American public. How these people play together and stay together is of no concern to me. I already know the answer. It's called moolah, as in money makes the world go around. And when this British import's fifteen minutes expire and the do re mi dwindles to regular people proportions, nubile Katie and comely Peter will be faced with the same challenges as the rest of us. Then again, with celebrities, this usually boils down to whether it's worth putting up with each other's nonsense, or time to move on to the next titillating prey. I know. I know. They have a new baby. Does this romp get any more mediocre?

Yeah. That's right. I've seen this one act play before. If anyone knows whether My Fair Brady is still in production, feel free to drop me a line. On second thought, don't bother.

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