Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Know Who Released from Jail

Do I have to name names? By now everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and select parts of Europe know that Paris is no longer under siege. Hoo-ah!

I'm ashamed to admit my own participation in this guilty little pleasure. She's blonde. She's hot. She's eye-candy. Seemingly clueless. She's fluff. There's internet pictures of her with no underwear (I swear, I only looked for a second, then became completely flabbergasted and moved on, honestly, I did).

Why are we all so fascinated?

I can't help feeling slightly sorry for this woman. Contrary to popular belief, "richyoungandbeautiful" is not the end all be all. Paparazzi and intrusive fans pester her wherever she goes. I'll bet she can't even walk into a grocery store without people gaping and snapping their cell phones (then again, she can send Jeeves out to buy a quart of milk, no?). And what about Sarah Silverman's diatribe at the 2007 MTV Awards?I don't know when it became fashionable to skewer down and out celebutauntes perched in your own audience, but the sheer humiliation must have been unbearable. I surely would have burst into tears and run for cover. Snarky Jack Nicholson and Eva Mendes couldn't have made life any easier.

The simple life? No thank you. The grass is just fine over here.

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