Monday, June 25, 2007

Rush Limbaugh is Running America

What's all the hype about Rush Limbaugh becoming the de facto leader of the Free World? Was I in a coma during the last election?

Count me as one who hardly agrees with Limbaugh's unique political philosophy, but finds his conservative talk show persona thoroughly entertaining and informative. I whole heartedly agree with his program hyperbole, especially Open Line Friday being the fastest three hours in radio.

But who in their right mind can take Rush Limbaugh without a grain of salt? He's right wing conservative all the way. The moderate perspective? Can't be bothered. The liberal point of view? Fuhgeddaboutit. The EIB network is not a balanced reporting vehicle nor does it claim to be.

With Rush, what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. More than anything else, this singularity of purpose, a relentless focus on fundamental conservative values is in large part responsible for his enormous popularity and substantial sphere of influence. Limbaugh is the phenomenon right wing conservatives want to emulate. Who else can speak as eloquently for this sector of the electorate?

Apparently, Limbaugh detractors just don't get it. They'd rather stifle Rush and everything he holds near and dear. As the 2008 election heats up, rumors have been floated about Limbaugh's undue influence over legions of dittoheads. These poor people just can't think for themsleves and other such nonsense. Government muckety-mucks are all a-titter.

I'm happy to report Capitol Hill outrage has reached a crescendo . Who exactly does Rush Limbaugh think he is...the United States President?!

Witness liberal media envy at its finest. Jealousy over their lack of ability to motivate joe citizen, looking to eradicate the last refuge of counter opinion, they now turn the big guns on Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show hosts. It isn't enough to control practically all other forms of multi-media, no, they must also silence conservative America on the air waves to liberate the will of the American people (suuuuurrrre).

Enough. Be gone drive-by media. I need another perspective!

Sadly, once again, talk show radio hosts are under fire for their uncanny ability to grind the political wheel from the ground up, *shudder* apparently an overwhelmingly scary thought for party line towers and media drive-bys. Limbaugh and others recently motivated record numbers of listeners to bombard elected representatives with vehement opposition to the illegal immigrantion initiative. Their actions successfully kicked the pants off the fledgling legislation , sending it all the way back to committee. Photo courtesy of Did it ever occur to these congressional vote hounds and senior elected officials that maybe -- just maybe -- the bulk of U.S. citizens are outraged by the prospect of a pinky bandaid for a hemorrhaging illegal immigration problem?

Pipe down you ridiculous pols . Your political boogeyman is nothing more than a figment of your overactive imaginations. Rush Limbaugh doesn't aspire to be your President. It would mean taking a whopper of a salary cut...something anathema to Rush's basic capitalistic philosophy.